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We have a core focus on finance, data, digital and performance intelligence. Delivering holistic solutions, approaching design from both a technical and business perspective.  

Years of Experience in the UK Market

Our experience in leading technology and industry specialisations have enabled us to help companies across the UK to make better decisions, faster. 

Formerly Copperman Consulting

We have joined the Decision Inc. Group, expanding our product offering and skill set while still maintaing our heritage and experience as a specialised financial and data house.

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500 clients globally trust Decision Inc. to lead their Information Driven Transformation

Decision Inc. UK is a Global technology services business that focuses on enabling our clients to lead the change and opportunity of information in their business. We focus on enabling 2 key themes in our clients’ business; The Intelligent Enterprise and The Modern Workplace. We work with our clients to leverage technology and information to transform their business into an Intelligent Enterprise. 

We do this by helping them use technology platforms to redesign their modern workplace and put data driven decision making at the heart of the operating model. We provide clients with services across the entire Information Value Chain from source and creation, movement and transformation, enrichment, engagement, reporting and strategy.

The Intelligent Enterprise

Intelligent Enterprises put information at the heart of their business. These businesses leverage the continuing pace of change of technology to drive constant improvement.

The Modern Workplace

The Modern Workplace is rethinking how organisations empower their people to realise their full potential and use technology to provide stakeholders with a greater experience.

The Information Value Chain

We provide clients with services across the entire Information Value Chain from source and creation, movement and transformation, enrichment, engagement, reporting and strategy.

Simulate Short-Term Business Outcomes with our Rapid Scenario Modelling solution.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Data & Analytics

Unlock the power of your data by transforming your data into intelligent action.

Enterprise Performance Management

Change the way your finance professionals work & increase the value finance brings to the organisation.

Robotic Process Automation

Enable your business with tools to create your own software robots and automate any business process.

Enabling DataOps for Analytics

Enabling DataOps for Analytics

Modern enterprises need to quickly deliver the right data to a growing data consumer audience to drive strategic initiatives, often encompassing data science and machine learning, and thereby create competitive advantage. But many of these projects are failing because yesterday’s processes and systems can no longer meet today’s analytics requirements.

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Enabling Analytics with Trusted, Business-ready Data

Enabling Analytics with Trusted, Business-ready Data

When you empower your business with on-demand access to analytics-ready data, you accelerate discovery and people get answers faster. Qlik Data Catalyst™ is a modern enterprise data management solution that simplifies and speeds up how you catalog, manage, prepare, and deliver your trustworthy, actionable data to business users across your enterprise.

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