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Decision Inc., OneStream provide EPM insights

Anis El-Mariesh , Consulting Director at Decision Inc. UK

The event took place in London on Thursday 28 November which saw SAP customers Dyson and Global Fashion Group in the spotlight. The event examined why they chose OneStream as their EPM platform over the offerings of other software vendors. It also highlighted the strategic reasoning behind the Decision Inc. partnership with OneStream and how SAP customers may benefit from an OneStream EPM solution.

The role of the CFO has evolved over the years into a more business focused decision maker. “Thanks to an increasingly digital world, the nature of decision-making has changed. CFOs and finance leaders have significant roles to play in this dynamic environment, but they need access to the data-driven insights that can only come from controlling financial data, metrics, analysis, and reporting. The Decision Inc. partnership with OneStream unlocks this potential and delivers significant added value through the SAP platform. This event highlighted the significant advantages this inter-connected approach can deliver organisations across industry sectors,” says Nicholas Bell, CEO of Decision Inc.

 OneStream provides a single platform for all EPM needs and is already being deployed within SAP customers of all sizes. Decision Inc. are well positioned to help clients realise the value of a OneStream EPM solution and can assist in transforming the business for a digital environment.

 Traditional business intelligence and analytics tools often see decision-makers having to choose between control and flexibility. These also do not support the complexity, diversity, and pace of data needed for financial and operational decision-making.

 OneStream software, which now has been further developed to include BI capability, offers customers a comprehensive business reporting platform. “However, with Decision Inc. and OneStream working together, companies can now analyse without having to make any compromises. True financial intelligence can now be unlocked while still meeting all governance requirements. There is now only a single version of the truth and one that financial leaders can leverage to position the company for growth. The success of this first event highlighted the need in the market for not only such an integrated solution, but also best practice testimonials from customers who have been able to take their businesses to the next level,” concludes Bell.

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