Decision Inc. takes the digital lead with Microsoft Power BI Premium Per User offering 

On 02 March 2021, Microsoft announced the availability of Microsoft Power BI Premium Per User from 01 April 2021 – a move that’s set to have significant impact on organisations looking to fully unpack and leverage the value of data and analytics within the business. Power BI Premium caters for high-scale enterprise implementations, providing incredibly rich and near real-time access to data, advanced artificial intelligence features, and data flow functionality. The move to a per user cost structure opens up significant intelligence potential to the business, and Decision Inc., a global leader in information-driven transformation, has the skills and expertise that can help any organisation fully realise this potential.

Microsoft Power BI Premium

“We have already worked with numerous Microsoft Power BI implementations and have a thorough grasp of its functionality and how it can add value to the organisation,” says Peter Gaertner, BI and Data Architect at Decision Inc. “We know how to get the most from Microsoft Power BI, and how to assist the organisation in developing their technology stack and ensuring that clients fully optimise their per user functionality.”

Microsoft Power BI Premium

The launch of the per user option for Microsoft Power BI Premium completely opens up the data architecture landscape to organisations of all sizes. Instead of the cost-effective constraints of Microsoft Power BI Pro, companies can now enjoy a full range of paginated reporting, AI functionality, auto machine learning, and up to 100GB large scale data models, among many other features. For companies that would like to get a handle on text analytics, near real-time reporting, and enhanced data flow functionality, this model allows for a significant jump into full functionality and toolsets.

“Companies can fully realise the value and potential of data with this platform, and truly unpack the hidden insights locked in their data lakes and within their systems,” concludes Gaertner. “Decision Inc. can support their implementation within the technology stack, and translate this cost-effective investment into a fully realised and comprehensive data journey.”

To find out more about the Microsoft Power BI Per User announcement visit the Power BI portal, and to find out more about how Decision Inc. can translate this announcement into real value for your business, contact our data and analytics team here:

Find out more about Microsoft Power BI.

Decision Inc. is a specialised technology consultancy, and we regularly implement Power BI in companies like yours. That means we are constantly solving real real-world problems for our clients and know how to get the maximum use out of Power BI.


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