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Janus Henderson reduces consolidation calculation time & financial close time with re-imagined SAP BPC group reporting solution.

Decision Inc. UK helps Janus Henderson Investors (JHI) secure a new combined group financial reporting system: achieving a single version of the truth, capitalising on their investments in SAP systems and minimising manual intervention in the production of key reporting outputs. 

This project was executed at pace to integrate the financial processes of the newly merged Janus Capital and Henderson Global Investors groups within 7 months.  The project was an SAP UK Quality Awards 2018 Finalist in the Rapid Deployment category.

About the Client 

SAP BPC Solution

JHI is a leading global asset manager formed from the merger of the Janus Capital Group and Henderson Global Investors in 2017. The group’s assets under management (AUM) exceed $401.6bn (Q4 2020), with capabilities across all major asset management investment classes.

The Requirement

To capitalise on the opportunities offered by the merger, the group embarked on the development and implementation of a common SAP system for Finance (ERP) and Consolidation. As part of this programme the SAP BPC system was to be re-implemented to deliver a group wide financial reporting solution. The solution was intended to facilitate:

  • Reporting of actual and plan data in accordance with both US GAAP and IFRS accounting standards
  • Translation, elimination and consolidation of all categories of data at the appropriate level of granularity
  • Improved system performance for data loading and calculations
  • Significant reduction in manual excel procedures in the production of key internal & external reporting outputs
  • Reduction in the length of the reporting cycle without sacrificing control
  • Increased transparency and comparability of data across the group.


    SAP BPC Solution

    JHI engaged specialist EPM consultants Decision Inc. (formerly Copperman Consulting) to provide a group-wide solution for financial reporting. There were several guiding principles for the implementation:

    • To provide a system designed to reflect the group’s long-term SAP strategy and data structures
    • Achieve the perfect balance of simplicity and complexity, delivering a system capable of producing the required reporting outputs whilst being easy to understand, operate and maintain
    • To utilise SAP-standard configuration practices, eliminating the use of alternatives techniques used.

    The Solution

    Phase 1 of the project delivered the following:

    • Best practice data structures, allowing effective use of the BPC system’s core functionality for loading, translation, elimination and consolidation
    • Robust and reliable interfaces with SAP ERP
    • Standardised input templates allowing traceability of any manual adjustments
    • A bespoke suite of formal and review reports, allowing precise interrogation of data
    • Comprehensive security, ensuring that data is only available to those with the proper authority
    • Clear & concise documentation of the solution delivered

    The Experience Working with Decision Inc

    “Taking on-board the lessons learnt from previous BPC implementations we recognised the importance of going with a BPC specialist when we re-implemented our solution.”

    Brad Korte

    Head of Finance & HR Technology, Janus Henderson

    Future phases have since expanded the SAP BPC solution to cover financial planning and people planning.

    The Result

    The engagement of Decision Inc. to deliver a group-wide consolidation solution not only allowed JHI to capitalise on bringing both organisations onto the same infrastructure but also leveraged standard system functionality to improve process execution, efficiency, stability and consistency.

    Significant process improvements were obtained including:

    Consolidation Calculation

    Runs in 10 seconds as opposed to 5 minutes.

    Data Loading

    Loading time reduced by more than 60%