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Data Governance – The key to scaling your data

Most companies struggle to capture the enormous potential of their data.

Typically, they launch massive programmes that try to meet the needs of every data end user or have individual application-development teams set up customised data pipelines that can’t easily be repurposed.

Firms instead need to figure out how to craft data strategies that deliver value in the near term and at the same time lay the foundations for future data use.

Growing reliance on Data Governance

Gartner states that through 2025, 80% of organisations seeking to scale digital business will fail because they do not take a modern approach to data and analytics governance.

Despite awareness of the costs of poor quality data, a Decision Inc. survey revealed that the majority of companies believe they are not living up to their data and analytics potential.

The proper governance of your data is more relevant now than ever, as companies move to data-driven strategies:

Poor data costs Data Governance Decision Inc
poor data

Regulatory compliance

Dependence of reporting and analytics on data

Dependence of automation on data

Increased focus on trust and security

Move towards open data

Commercialising data

What is Data Governance?

The Governance of Data involves the control and organisation of data in a way that gives peace of mind to directors and business users.

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Components of a Data Governance Strategy

Productivity: Ensuring my team has the data they need to be most effective.

Risk Management: Ensuring my data is safe and compliant and the right people are using it.

Opportunity: Unlocking my data assets for scale.

    data goverancne components




    Our immersive approach to Data Governance

    Our approach helps companies scale their data programmes rapidly.

    The Data Governance Accelerator is a programme that drives alignment across the business and enables real progress to be made quickly.

    Through our immersive approach, we help you accelerate the governance of your data in 3 practical steps:

    data governance methodology

    Our approach aims to simplify and fast-track the road to Data Governance


    Shorten the as-is analysis

    Reduce the scope through prioritisation – start with the critical data


    Identify where to start, using our industry experience and assessment of your key issues


    Sustainable processes and an enabled team

    1. Scan and Prioritise

    Identify Key Concerns &

    Critical Data

    Our Scan and Prioritise process leverages experiences over the last 15 years of Data Practices to enable the clients team to unpack the current environment and establish the baseline for the ‘As Is State’.

    Actions: Perform a Data Quality Assessment 

    Outcomes: Defined Scope and Methodology

    scan and prioritise

    Example Data Quality Assessment. Source Gartner, 2021

    2. implement

    Develop and Deploy

    Establish a technology capability to manage and scale the capability across the business.

    Determine the technology best suited for your key issues.

    Actions: Determine The Technology and Processes

    Outcomes: Developed and Deployed Tools and Processes

    data governance implementation

    3. enable

    Develop Repeatable Model and Enable Workforce

    Build scalable processes and approaches that the organisation can leverage to run a best practice environment.

    Actions: Workshops and Material to Up-skill and Define Roles

    Outcomes: Empowered Team to Continue the Process

    data governance enable

    customer success story

    A success story with a leading financial service provider in South Africa

    The Problem

    One of the leading financial service providers within South Africa was struggling with:


    • Data quality
    • Data inconsistencies
    • Direct impact on the accuracy and completeness of reporting
    • Multiple transactional systems
    • No formalised data strategy
    cases tudy
    data governance story

    The Solution and Value

    Decision Inc. developed and implemented a data quality strategy to support the client in improving their data capability.


    • A data quality dashboard to profile the transactional data
    • Informed the data cleansing process
    • Monitor improvements in the data
    • Drill into details of owners to maintain accountability


    Decision Inc. optimises the customer service of a global beverage conglomorat through its data quality programme

    Decision Inc. optimises the customer service of a global beverage conglomorat through its data quality programme

    A global brewing and beverage conglomerate improved its customer service levels significantly, thanks to the implementation of the Decision Inc. data quality programme. This programme provided the client with complete visibility of its master data landscape. It highlighted errors and incomplete data sets to improve the accuracy of customer location data. Ultimately this resulted in more accurate tracking of orders and massive cost savings.

    Cutting Edge Analytics Starts with Data Quality

    Cutting Edge Analytics Starts with Data Quality

    The meaning of the data-driven organisation has changed. Today, the true value of data lies in analytics and intelligence – but without sound data governance, your data could be nothing but disparate information.

    The five key principles of a data governance framework

    The five key principles of a data governance framework

    A data governance framework is the collection of rules, processes, and role delegations that ensure privacy, structure, and compliance in a company’s enterprise data management. These work in unison to enable data to be well organised and maintained, searchable, and meet all required regulations.

    Accelerate Growth and Scalability With Strategy-Based Data Governance

    Accelerate Growth and Scalability With Strategy-Based Data Governance

    Choosing the right data governance approach results in trustworthy, compliant data that drives the business forward quickly. Data has become one of an organisation’s biggest assets. But many businesses aren’t using their data well and it’s hurting their effectiveness and profitability.

    Why a data governance framework is essential in executing your strategy

    Why a data governance framework is essential in executing your strategy

    Strategy without governance is nothing more than a wish list. Every day, businesses produce and collect massive amounts of data – more than ever before. This data is essential for making informed decisions, but it can only be used effectively if it’s properly governed. To ensure that your strategy is executed successfully, you need to put in place a data governance framework.. This framework will help to align the data with the business goals and objectives.




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