Building a Data-Driven Organisation


Create the right data and analytics foundation for a competitve edge


The exponential growth of data is fuelling our digital era, and data can definitely be seen as the new oil. We use digital platforms to gather data, and customers demand more personalised experiences.

To stay competitive, businesses must utilise new and existing data to generate customer experiences and business insights that are customised in order to draw new value. Businesses can use this opportunity to fundamentally rethink how they operate and deliver services. Reimagining business models in order to improve customers’ experiences and drive revenue growth is one way to do this. But at the heart of that, is a successful data strategy.

Creating the right data and analytics foundation for your business is a complex process. There are a lot of factors that influence this process and it can be difficult to know where to start. But nevertheless, this process is important and deserves your full attention.


In this eBook

This Data Strategy eBook provides you with insights on each of the following building blocks for a successful Data foundation:

– Data Governance
– Data Architecture and Strategy
– How to manage the growing scale of Data
– The benefits of a ‘serverless’ infrastructure model

Once the right data strategy is in place a roadmap to execution can be developed. Furthermore businesses can develop new programmes and upgrade existing ones, they can automate and automate business processes in order to boost efficiency.

Download this Data Strategy eBook to discover the right approach to creating a successful data strategy for your business.

*An adapted excerpt from the original ebook, originally posted on our Partner’s website, Microsoft.

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