The Hidden Costs of Static Planning that CFO’s Need to Know Now

the future of planning is intelligent

The Modernised Office of the CFO is seen as a vital strategic business partner and the awareness of missed opportunities caused by static planning processes has escalated. Finance Teams who fail to guide their companies with intelligent planning processes are seeing negative impacts on their organizations’ ability to capture profit and grow. Static planning can hamper a company’s ability to meet short-range objectives as well as impede advancement toward fulfilling long-term strategic goals.

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Topics discussed in this e-book:


  • The opportunity costs and challenges of static planning have recently
    become so great that companies are seeking alternatives to legacy
    on-premise systems and spreadsheets
  • How static planning can harm your company in the short term —
    by inordinately tying up resources and damaging credibility with
    errors — which in turn stifles long-term objectives of growth and
  • Why a lack of collaboration between finance and business
    stakeholders hampers the move to results-driven planning and
    decision making, and dooming finance teams to support gut-based
    and reactive decision making
  • How an intelligent planning approach can unleash the true potential
    of the finance team and broader organization and engage all
    stakeholders in a culture of planning.


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