Optimise processes, improve supply chain agility, and drive customer loyalty

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Deliver critical products and services from agile factories, intelligent supply chains, and an empowered industrial manufacturing workforce

In today’s market, manufacturers need to use data to optimise processes, improve supply chain agility, and better serve customers.

The fourth industrial revolution and the Internet of Things (IoT) has allowed manufacturers to deliver the machine and product performance needed to improve operations – allowing faster time-to-value and streamlined processes by surfacing highly accurate and ground breaking insights across the entire product lifecycle.

When it comes to manufacturing innovation, consistent customer engagement is the key. Today’s customer has access to information to instantly compare almost any competing goods or services.

Manufacturing companies that can understand customer sentiment and preferences — responding in line with rapidly shifting demand — will be the ones that drive innovation, capture market share, and deepen customer loyalty.


Deliver new services

Create new business value with digital services for industrial manufacturing. 

Optimise digital operations

Optimise your factories and supply chains with IT and OT.  

Empower your workforce

Give everyone the skills and technology needed to keep up as the industry evolves.

Reimagine manufacturing

Innovate with intelligent manufacturing technology to create a sustainable future.

Leverage the unlimited potential of data in your manufacturing business


increase in productivity in
3 months


reduction in reporting time

R500 m

reduction of free text order spend

Manufacturing Challenges


Today, manufacturers are faced with increasing global competition, complex regulatory environments, growing labour costs, and an ever-increasing customer demand for innovation.

Delivering a superior customer experience

Margins are being eroded



Increased product variability

Rising cost to service customers

Slow pace of innovation

In response, manufacturers need cutting-edge technology solutions


Our manufacturing solutions enable you to empower you workforce and streamline the management of production, supply chains, and distribution

Compliance & Governance

  • Improve governance, operational risk management, sustainability & financial compliance​
  • Ensure that plants meet regulations for workers, environment, health & safety requirements​

Plant Management

  • Provide comprehensive Production insights. Integrate shop floor & back office cost data to give visibility & benchmarking​
  • Improve manufacturing uptime performance & identify downtime issues

Planning Solution

  • Manage cash & working capital
  • Streamline planning, budgeting & financial reporting
  • Improve accuracy of sales planning, forecasting & budgeting

Logistics Solution

  • Maximise efficiency of Logistics Operations
  • Efficient Warehouse, Transportation, Vehicle & Load/Route planning
  • Handle increasingly complex documentation for shipments 


Reporting Solution

  • Improve insight into costs, assets & markets, for better investing and divesting decisions
  • Improve forecasting & planning through internal / external collaborative processes

Sourcing and Procurement

  • Manage supplier contracts/trading agreements to improve costs & secure quality enhancements
  • Measure supplier performance to control costs, improve sourcing performance & manage risk

Stock Management

  • Manage shorter shelf-life products, increased product variety & increased customer expectations 
  • Manage inventory across raw materials, work in progress & finished goods

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