IT & Finance join forces to open the door to the Intelligent Enterprise

  Thursday, 23 January 2020
  10:00 AM UK / 11:00 AM CET

Will you be left behind in the 4th Industrial Revolution?


Part 1: The IT side of transformation


Executives are looking to CFOs for data-based insights that propel the business forward. They’re calling on the finance team to be the organization’s “analytics powerhouse,” driving the analytics agenda for the business.

Finance teams are no longer just responsible for reporting the numbers, they are increasingly becoming responsible for advising and improving the bottom line.

The Finance team needs to be alleviated from repetitive tasks and to enable transformation, need quick and easy access to insights.

Modern technology is here to help!                           

Today’s technology transforms your analytics to give you unprecedented insights not only based on internal information such as your financial KPIs but taking into account the volatile market each business unit operates within.

As a result, you gain the power to revolutionize your business for the digital age. 

Wondering how modern technology can be used to transform your business in to an Intelligent Enterprise?

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What you can expect

Join us on 23rd January for this webinar, where Decision Inc. will discuss the below trends:


– How to become an intelligent enterprise

– 4th Industrial Revolution

– Creating the Modern Workplace

– Robotic Process Automation

– Data & Analytics at the heart of the business

– How to gain insight into data

– Demonstrations of RPA, analytics and gaining Insights.


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