On-Demand Webinar

Rapid Scenario Modelling using SAC Value Driver Trees



Title: Rapid Scenario Modelling using SAC Value Driver Trees

Type: On-demand

Duration: 1 Hour


With current global economic uncertainty, the ability to carry out scenario modelling, quickly and effectively, is particularly pertinent as all businesses are faced with the challenge of understanding and quantifying the impacts of Coronavirus on their core business. The ability to model multiple potential financial and operational impacts is crucial to supporting the important decisions required to reduce the impact on their business, employees and supply chain.

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What you can expect

The webinar will discuss the typical challenges businesses face when modelling multiple strategic scenarios and managing the process of marrying a ‘top down’ approach to ‘bottom up’. The session will show how these processes can be streamlined and systemised through the effective use of SAP EPM tools.

Your Speaker

Philip Jong

Managing Principal Consultant
Decision Inc. UK