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Financial Decision-Makers Outlook April 2021

The Hanover Research Financial Decision-Makers Outlook

The Hanover Research Financial Decision-Makers Outlook for April 2021, sponsored by OneStream Software, is based on a survey of 340 finance executives in North America. It highlights how financial decision makers have responded to the change in presidential administrations since the election, their outlook on the post-COVID recovery, and technology investment plans.

The survey was administered online, and respondents were recruited via a third-party panel. The analysis includes a total of 340 respondents following data cleaning and quality control, and includes questions segmented by company size, company 2020 revenue, and industry.

The key objectives include:

  • How have financial decision-makers responded to the change in presidential administrations? What changes have they made since the election?
  • Where are financial decision-makers outlooks towards the post-COVID recovery?
  •  How are financial decision-makers currently tracking financial recovery? What tools are they using?
  • What is the future outlook of the financial landscape among decision-makers and what steps are they taking? What tools do they plan on adopting, if any?

Download the report to learn how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted organizations, plans for returning to the office, administration-related investment changes and other planned technology investments.

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