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Rapid Scenario Modelling with PowerBI



Title: Rapid Scenario Modelling with PowerBI

Type: On-demand

Duration: 1 Hour


Scenario modelling is critical in the state of volatility businesses find themselves in. External and operational forces are changing on a day to day basis.

We can intuitively understand the scale of the problem, but we struggle, and its frankly impossible, to quantify the exact impact it will have in financial numbers off the top of our heads. This requires more complex maths and necessitates a model of some sort to calculate the combined impact of many variables changing at once.


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What you can expect

  • Intuition vs math, how wrong can we be?

  • Setting up a model: identifying the right drivers for your business and your industry

  • Difference between reporting and modelling: Top-down vs bottom-up

  • The power of a Value Driver Tree

  • Importance of benchmarking the right KPIs

  • Scenario Modelling tools (which can be implemented quickly)

  • Tool demos


Your Speaker

Henri De Bruine

Managing Director
Decision Inc. UK