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2021 Nucleus Research CPM Technology Value Matrix

CPM Technology Value Matrix 2021

It’s no secret that businesses worldwide are struggling to manage their organisations the market uncertainty brought by COVID-19’s disruption. Companies can no longer use historical data to develop annual budgets and forecasts due to the immense  demand and supply fluctuations. Furthermore, the work-from-home setups and analysis complexity make it near impossible to rely on email and spreadsheet processes. Now more than ever, organisations are turning to Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions to orchestrate their financial activities.

In this report, the 2021 CPM Technology Value Matrix, Nucleus Research analysed the market for CPM products.

The purpose of this report is:

  • To provide a snapshot of the CPM technology market
  • To help inform customers about how vendors are delivering value
  • To take stock of what can be expected in the future based on present investments

The key evaluating factors for this research report included the relative usability and functionality, as well as the value that customers realised from each product’s capabilities. Their findings are based on customer feedback, product demonstrations, and conversations about the market with vendors and users.

This is what Nucleus Research had to say about OneStream™:

“OneStream Software is a Leader in the 2021 CPM Value Matrix. OneStream provides a platform that enables organisations to unify all their financial processes. Customers give high marks to OneStream’s integration capabilities with large datasets and their existing software ecosystems. The platform’s wide range of specialised capabilities and flexibility means users can implement solutions that best match their business needs, which leads to high usability scores.”


Download the report to learn more about why OneStream Software was named a leader.

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