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Self-service data analytics platform that can discover, prep, and analyse all your data.

Data Prep + Blend

Bring multiple types of disparate data sources together to effectively answer questions

Data Visualytics

Visualise the data throughout the entire analytics process and problem-solving journey

Predictive Analytics

Repeatable workflows that deliver the self-service data analytics required for predictive analytics

Spatial Analytics

Repeatable workflows that include location data blending and advanced spatial analytics

Data Prep + Blend

Analysts need to bring multiple types of disparate data sources together to effectively answer questions.

Alteryx takes a different approach by offering data prep and data blending capabilities through an intuitive user interface that is up to 100X faster than traditional approaches.

Access all your relevant data
Connect to and cleanse data from data warehouses, cloud applications, spreadsheets, and other sources.

Prep and blend the right data
Create the right dataset for analysis or visualization using data quality, integration, and transformation tools.

Make the most of spatial or location data
Blend and output spatial data files then easily join them with third-party data such as demographics.

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Data Visualytics

As data flows through various cleansing, prepping, blending, and modeling stages it can be difficult to quickly understand what’s going on in the data and validate the changes you made along the way.

Alteryx Visualytics enables analysts to visualise the data not just at the end of the analytics process but throughout the entire problem-solving journey.

See your data in motion
Instantly validate the health, quality, and statistical distribution of your data through powerful inline visualisations.

Quickly create interactive visuals
Show complex data in multi-layer charts plus customise fonts, colors, and more across popular chart types.

Bring your insights to life
Create and combine multiple interactive charts to enable your stakeholders to drill down into your analysis and focus on what’s important to them.

Predictive Analytics

Traditional and legacy predictive analytics