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A Modern, Unified Platform for Corporate Performance Management

OneStream Whitepapers

Get a clear path for your future, accelerate business insights, and consider a proven alternative to SAP BPC and other legacy applications.

Each of these whitepapers will give you the key insights you need when you are struggling with planning, reporting and analysis due to the limitations of your legacy systems like SAP BPC and BFC. Increased time in gathering, loading and waiting for data refreshes reduces the time spent on analysing the information and moving your business forward.

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A unified, extensible CPM software platform is essential in delivering on your vision

Corporate performance management (CPM) is an enterprise-wide process that helps organisations meet their financial goals by linking their strategies to plans and execution across all divisions and departments. Conversely, fragmented software approaches to CPM introduce risks, require manual data movement and multiple points of maintenance, and drive a high cost of ownership.

Download the The Power of an Extensible CPM Platform whitepaper to learn more about the issue with fragmented systems. Read how OneStream’s CPM software can give you timely support and help with informed decision-making.

This whitepaper highlights:

  • OneStream XF – A Unified SmartCPMTM Platform
  • The Secret Sauce: Extensibility
  • The Benefits of Extensibility

      Whitepaper 1

      The Power of an Extensible CPM Platform

      The need for better, faster management decision-making is driving the office of finance

      Replace your legacy Corporate Performance Management (CPM) applications, such as SAP BPC, with a modern solution that meets the complex needs of your orginisation.

      Download the SAP ERP and OneStream whitepaper to learn more about OneStream Software’s unified solution for CPM.  Read how a function-forward solution will simplify consolidation, planning, and reporting and move your organisation forward – not backward.

      This whitepaper highlights:

      • The Key Pillars of Finance Transformation
      • SAP’s ERP and CPM Products
      • OneStream for SAP Customers

          Whitepaper 2

          SAP ERP and OneStream – The Path to Modern Finance


          modern finance is evolving to a new strategic level in organisations

          Modern finance is about adding more value, about leveraging new technologies, about the merging of new skill sets and new technology. It is about human intuition and machines, working together.

          Download the Finance Unleashed: Enabling Modern Finance with CPM 2.0 Platforms whitepaper that discuss the impact of digital disruption on finance organisations, how modern technology can support, and is in fact required, to the further transformation of finance. The paper outlines 5 steps you can take to unleash the power and talent of the finance organisation to provide greater value to the broader enterprise.

          This whitepaper highlights:

          • Unleashing Finance with a CPM 2.0 Platform
          • 5 Steps to Unleashing Finance
          • CPM 2.0 Gets Smarter with OneStream

          Whitepaper 3

          Finance Unleashed: Enabling Modern Finance with CPM 2.0 Platforms


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