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Case Studies

A Modern, Unified Platform for Corporate Performance Management

“OneStream helps us to not only make projections towards the future, but
also oversee the field of investments, acquisitions and working capital
spending. A great benefit is the all-in-one concept, where various solutions
are integrated into a single model. Traditional consolidation and planning
systems are far less integrated—with different modules that had to be
purchased and linked separately.”
— Jurriaan Koekebacker, Group Controller

Case Study 1

“The transition from our SAP and Oracle systems to OneStream has been
very smooth, and all of the financial controllers are happy. One of the big
advantages of the unified OneStream application is that we no longer have
a one-day delay between the collection of data and the issuance of reports
and analyses. With OneStream, all of the data is in one system, so when
changes are made, everything is updated immediately!
—Long Nguyen, Group CFO

 Case Study 2

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