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Implementing superior business intelligence platforms so that you can solve business problems faster and more accurately than ever before

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Transform your organisation through business intelligence, turning insights into actions

We live in a world of unprecedented and ongoing change. To be successful, organisations need to develop a data culture and create an environment where every team and every individual is empowered to do great things because of the data that is available at their fingertips.

Make insights available to anyone, anywhere, at any time – transforming it into valuable insights and decisive actions that allow you to constantly innovate and stay competitively relevant.

Harness the power of your data with ease – using our technologies to access the value of natural language, self-service business insights and visualisation capabilities.


Faster, more accurate reporting & analysis

Make better data-driven decisions, faster

Access to important information in real-time

Increased organisational efficiency & productivity

How we’ve helped our customers with Business Intelligence

Decision Inc cuts time needed for HR reporting at FMCG client by 99%

Decision Inc saves wholesale client R2.2m due to reduced wastage

Decision Inc reduces error response time at financial services client by 50%

Reports & Dashboards

Our dashboards and reports enable our clients to interact with their data, derive insights, and answer their own questions.

Powerful visualisations, combined with intuitive UI design, empowers our clients to engage with their information in more meaningful ways.These dashboards can be interacted with over a wide variety of devices and distribution mediums.


Close the gap between the strict governance of  IT and businesses constant need for innovation through Decision Inc.’s advisory and consultative services, optimisation of business processes and the use of insights to provide solutions to critical business problems.

Geospatial Analysis

Powerful mapping visualisation dashboards and reporting solutions showcase data in different ways.

These comprehensive mapping capabilities can be used to drill down into regions and derive location-based insights for customers.

Self-Service BI

Even if you do not have a background in analytics, self-service business intelligence enables you to access and work with corporate data.

All users, from business analysts to executives and decision makers, are able to create their own queries, reports and data visualisations through self-service models that connect to multiple data sources. IT maintains overall access control – but no longer acts as an extra step in the query/report request process.



Mobility has become a core requirement for companies looking to gain competitive advantage in the information economy. Many workers rely almost completely on mobile devices to get the answers they need to serve customers and better manage operations. Decision Inc. incorporates mobile-first design thinking into all the business intelligence solutions we implement. 

Building solutions that are device agnostic enables you to access your information on demand: anywhere, and any time – allowing for timeous and accurate decision making when it really matters.

Training & Support

Support – Decision Inc. provides our clients support and SLA agreements that cater for proactive BI environment monitoring, as well as the retainer-based consulting services. These agreements ensure maximum uptime and dashboard availability to business while providing root cause analysis should any issues arise. These support and SLA agreements are flexible and can be tailored to your unique needs.

Training – Decision Inc. provides both virtual and classroom based training for our technology platforms. This enables our clients to be self-sufficient, and instils the best practice development and solution design principles that maintain effective business intelligence platforms.


Our Business Intelligence Products

Data Literacy Program

Making data accessible is simply not enough. Data on its own is a meaningless concept if users do not understand it or know how to interpret it.

Data literacy is the ability for employees to derive meaningful  insights from data and apply those insights in a way that benefits the organisation.

Decision Inc. structures Data Literacy programs for our clients which ensure that all staff are equipped to deal with the informational demands of their roles and responsibilities. This allows you to effectively harness the collective intelligence of all employees.

Business Accelerators

Through the implementation of hundreds of projects across a wide variety of industries and functions, Decision Inc. has built a considerable base of knowledge and IP.

This has resulted in a repository of prebuilt industry and functional dashboards that can be implemented quickly: providing our clients with valuable insights and customisable platforms.

These include: 

Finance, Sales, HR, Working Capital, Procurement, Overtime and Plant Maintenance

Managed Services

Reduce costs, implement best practice, ensure process consistency as well as availability and dashboard/reporting accuracy by leveraging Decision Inc.’s years of experience in maintaining complex BI environments.

Tools & Technologies

Decision Inc. uses only the best of breed tools and technologies when either developing solutions for its clients or enabling them for self-service. We impartially assess which is best suited to fit our client’s particular challenges/environment and we never apply a one size fits all solution.

Our Business Intelligence Technologies

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