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Clarity across your business gives you the ability to make better decisions faster – based on reliable, accurate and timely data

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We partner with our clients on their data transformation journey, helping then manage, govern and extract value from their data assets

The amount of data that organisations generate has increased exponentially over the last few years. Many organisations have been struggling to manage and make sense of this vast amount of data – which is generated from many platforms, systems, devices, customers and online channels. How efficiently organisations store, process and use this data is becoming more and more critical to the success of their business.

To manage enterprise data effectively, it is important to determine its value to the organisation: both in their current state, as well as in the future. We assist our clients to understand and unlock the value of their data today, as well as plan for the future.

Whether you’re launching a platforms initiative, moving to the cloud, modernising your existing solution, we can help your company go from mixed data to focused insights.

Improve access to organised data through data governance


Improve quality of data. Make faster, more accurate decisions


Improve data security and privacy access according to standards

Improve reporting and analytic capabilities for accurate results

How we’ve helped our customers with Data Management

Decision Inc. assists a leading manufacturer to modernise their data estate

Top insurance company reinvents data warehouse environment with Decision Inc.

Decision Inc. assists a hospitality chain to obtain visibility around profitability

Key Enterprise Data Management Themes

Modernise your data estate

Integrate critical business data

Turn data into real outcomes

Modernising your Data Estate

We build scalable data platforms with a clear focus for the future

A data platform that provides this capability for integration, management, and governance of critical business data.

The modern data platform enables organisations to achieve real business outcomes. 

  • Intelligence Analytics
  • Trust and Privacy
  • Compatible Integration
  • Competitive Total Cost of Ownership

Integrate critical business data

Leverage our extensive systems experience

Decision Inc. has more the 20 years of experience in data management and engineering.

Our experience with data warehousing and integration projects has made us the trusted provider for data integration, modelling and governance services in the market.

Turn Data into Business Outcomes

Realise the value of your data assets and turn them into insights

Managing complex datasets relies on aligning your data to key strategic business objectives.

Delivering business outcomes is our first priority whilst dealing with your complex data sources.

Our Enterprise Data Management Services

Data Management Strategy

Data Governance

Data Platforms

Data Integration

Master Data Management

Data Management

Our Enterprise Data Management Technologies

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