Cognitive Automation

Span the entire automation journey with Cognitive RPA, automating any front- or back-office business process.

Augment the capability of RPA with AI and Machine Learning to automate complex tasks and significantly reduce costs

Cognitive Automation represents the junction between RPA and cognitive computing and, subsequently, is able to perform more intelligent and complex tasks. 

Cognitive Automation extends and improves the range of actions that are typically associated with RPA by leveraging AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Text Analytics, Semantic Technology, Data Mining and ML technologies.

This results in significant cost savings and enhanced customer satisfaction, as well as accuracy in complex business processes that involve the use of unstructured information. 

Large volumes of unstructured information is easily analysed, processed and structured into data useful for the next steps of a complex process – creating new efficiencies and improving the quality of your business.  

So, don’t put your business at risk. Actively start moving towards implementing Cognitive Automation so that key employees can focus on making strategic decisions that innovatively and competitively drive your business forward. 

Expect more than 50% in savings for FTE activities


Improve compliance and operational scalability

Streamline & optimise data collection systems


Increase ability to deal with unstructured data

What Cognitive Automation can do for your business


Reduce Employee Turnover

Cognitive RPA does all the boring, repetitive work – which leaves the more creative and intellectually challenging tasks to your human workers. Greater job satisfaction inevitably follows and engaged employees are happier and more productive.

Improve Quality

By eliminating tedious and repetitive work, you will experience a dramatic drop in error rates. This is significant as quality issues can have a negative impact on your bottom line, especially in highly regulated industries and markets.  

Enhanced Productivity

Complex tasks like extracting decision-making data from documents and emails can be automated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This allows you to improve turnaround time as well as expand the capacity of your company without increasing headcount.


Facts-based decision making

 Strategic business decisions drill down to facts and experiences. Using both, gives next level competencies for strategic decision making.

Cut Costs

Supercharge your automation initiatives and achieve returns as high as 300% in a few months.

Cognitive Automation Applications

End-to-end customer service

With end-to-end customer service you gain an understand of your customer journey and identify the interactions where automation can be implemented. For example, by incorporating a natural language processing chatbot into various operations – effectively automating customer support – will ensure that you achieve up to an 80% FTE saving.

Procure to Pay

At the core of the business supply chain is Procure to Pay – but invoice processing still suffers from manual or semi-automated processes. Cognitive Automation alleviates technology barriers such as this by intelligently classifying  documents, extracting the data and processing complex tables and invoices with ease.

Processing transactions

A tedious – yet crucial – process for any business is the processing of reconciliations.  Financial institutions spend an enormous amount of time and resources on the process and elements such as paper-based transactions or different time zones add to the complexity of settling transactions. With human-like decision-making capabilities, cognitive RPA simplifies and speeds up the processing for your business.

Claims processing

Within insurance companies, for example, settling claims is challenging as it involves many elements such as reviewing policy documents, coverage, the validity of insured components, fraud analytics, and more – before the claim can be paid. Cognitive RPA systems make automated decisions in seconds by analysing all the claims parameters in real-time – resulting in a faster response time.

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