RPA as a Service

Accelerate cost reduction and increase productivity with
Decision Inc’s Cloud-Native RPA as a Service

Digitise Business Processes at Scale

Reach levels of agility and scalability necessary to successfully compete in a digital economy for a low cost of ownership. Decision Inc. reduces the barrier to automation by ensuring that there is no need to make huge upfront capex investments to build and maintain RPA within your business.

Operate RPA using our Centre of Excellence

We take care of engineering the bots, implementing them in the cloud, and executing automations for you. You won’t need to hire RPA developers or implement  your own Centre of Excellence.


Auto-Scale your RPA robots when Needed

Start small and when required, scale easily to an unlimited number of bots without having to invest in additional infrastructure to do so.  Once done with automating, we can just as easily scale you down by spinning down the bots.

Robust and Efficient Workplace Practices

Business users build and deploy RPA bots in a matter of weeks and see ROI in a matter of days.


Instant Ease of Use:
Open any web browser, log in, and automate. Intuitive experience optimised for every user type

Faster Time to Value:
Implement your RPA strategy in a matter of weeks. Scaling up your bots as you need them

Predictable Opex Model: 
Drive down total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to make upfront capex investments

Built in Security:
Security through and through with granular RBAC enforced and data security with encryption at rest and in motion

How Our RPA as a Service Works

Decision Inc. rapidly deploys an RPA solution using custom developed bots around your processes using industry best IP making it cost effective and accelerating the value to business. We offer support in every step of your RPA journey, from start to finish, eliminating guesswork, complexities, and hidden fees.

Step 1: RPA Consulting

We’ll work together to identify process improvement opportunities feasible for automation and calculate the ROI. We’ll also help you align with your colleagues and stakeholders in an interactive automation discovery session.

Step 2: RPA Implementation

We implement a tailor-made automation for a chosen process, taking care of engineering the robots, implementing them in the cloud, and running your applications for you. You won’t need to create an internal RPA department (CoE).

Step 3: RPA Test Period

After the successful implementation, we suggest running a short trial period during which you can fully assess the effectiveness of the solution and validate the processes.

Step 4: RPA Operation & Support

Once your RPA solution is validated and executed in its finalised version, we monitor the automation, ensuring it runs as expected and supporting you should any issues arise.

Step 5: RPA Analysis & Scale-up

Together, we create an RPA scale-up roadmap and we start implementing automation for additional processes.



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